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True Connection Counselling

Individual, couples, & family counselling services
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Kendra Mulgrew, RCC

I am passionate about healing - mind, body, and spirit - and
am here to help those who cross my path on their
journey. Through my own  journey, I have gained experience,
skills, knowledge, and wisdom in which I integrate into my practice.

As a holistic nutritionist, trained yoga teacher, meditator,
cleanse facilitator, MSPsych graduate, somatic practitioner,
and RCC, I weave together all aspects of the whole while assisting individuals and couples. Informing my practice through the framework of Humanism, Somatic Experiencing, holism, and unity

I specialize in trauma therapy and holistic wellness in Victoria, BC.

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Aron Büky-Tompa, RCC

I decided to become a therapist in my adolescence because I believed that I can find more truth, connection, and personal power if I find ways to communicate better, and stand up for myself and those who don’t have a voice. 

Immigrating from Hungary at age 19 I started my own therapy and apprenticeship to develop into a practitioner who works from a place of integrity. Throughout years of doing my own inner work and learning from teachers and mentors of many modalities, I understood what it’s like to be in the client’s chair. I live my life based on the way I work: compassion and radical honesty in relationships are paramount and non-negotiable for me.

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor in good standing with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors, covered by most extended health providers. I am also registered with ICBC as a vendor.

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About True Connection

Research shows that the quality of our relationships determine the quality of our lives (Esther Perel). What is life without connection with other humans? From lovers, to family members, co-workers, and friends, our lives are full of relationships. True Connection Counselling is a space to heal your romantic relationships and all connections in your life.

Just as you are an individual, your relationships are also their own entities. Partnership is a unit, and with that movement of oneness between two people, glitches can arise - miscommunications, resentments, enmeshment, boundary issues, and more.

It is commonly mis-perceived that we are supposed to just “know” how to do relationships. We assume that we’re missing something inherent if we have relational issues. The truth is that we’re not born with these skills. We learn through the bonds that are formed with our caregivers, elders, or other role models. There is always more to learn and practice so we can become experts in our own relationships.

If you would like to explore the depths of relational healing such as developing communication skills and emotional maturity, couples counselling may be the right step for you. Whether your goals are blissful intimacy, healing trauma, or simply meeting each other as equals Aron and Kendra work together as a team for you.

The two counsellors bring their own therapeutic skills and modalities to the counselling office. With both Kendra and Aron present, sessions are always dynamic, present-oriented, and full of reflection which you can incorporate into your life.



James Bay Victoria

Visit Kendra and Aron at their Victoria office. Sessions are

80-90 mins for $400/session.

Video Sessions

Connect over zoom from the comfort of your home. Sessions are 75 mins for $310/session.


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